welp, i’m really pregnant

i’ve decided i’m really pregnant. i’ve come to this conclusion as i sip coffee while catching up on paper work and notice my new involuntary habit – rubbing my belly.

only people who are pregnant rub their belly without realizing it.

the belly that started popping around christmas and that i thought might very well just be a product of massive food consumption, has only gotten bigger… and bigger.

and then bigger.

leading to the conclusion, this is no food baby. this is the real deal. 

(apparently my belly is also encouraging other body parts to grow.)

the bigger belly and the rubbing of it are not the only signs and symptoms that point to my  full mental acceptance of my current state. here are a few others:

1. i showed up for yoga with a pre-packed gym bag only to find my tank top didn’t fully cover my belly. enter white trash-yogi. 

2. i have conversations with my unborn child in my head.

3. i register for something someone tells me i have to have a few days late think, “i do NOT need that!” i then delete the item off the regsitry. a couple of days go by and then i re-register for it when someone again convinces me i have to have it. then as a follow up i google,  “what baby stuff do i really need? and how much of it is crap?”  i then delete/re-register…again.

4. i have something to blog about.

5. in public, i find myself obsessively checking out people’s strollers and can now identify most makes/models from ten yards away.

6. i’ve gone from fearing to loving my maternity jeans and fear i will never return to regular people’s clothes. as a safety precaution, i have asked a friend to remove them from my closet post-birth. (thanks maggie – don’t forget!) 

7. i can rattle off statistics and facts on the cloth v. disposable diaper debate and feel 100% comfortable with my decision to  fill up landfills with baby’s feces.

8. my google reader has slowly converted from home renovating blogs to baby blogs.

9. i  had something really funny to say here, but then i forgot and after sitting for ten minutes trying to remember, i still can’t. so my new number nine is i can now blame forgetfulness on pregnancy. this is convenient as mr. hutch is constantly complaining  that i am forgetting to tell him things.

10. i find i could no longer contain my flatulence while working out.

sorry about the last one, but it was a real eye opener.

so there you have it. it took me almost 23 weeks, but i  can honestly say i’m not longer questioning whether or not i’m pregnant.    i really am! woop, woop!

About bungalowhutch

mr. hutch and i have taken on our latest adventure - redoing a 1920's bungalow in denver's park hill neighborhood. we have no idea what we are doing. follow along to see our progress. we're determined to see if we can jump on the DIY bandwagon and have the home of our dreams. with some help from our knowledgeable contractor friends, kidnapping tools from my dad's garage and stalking all the other DIY home blogs - what's the worse that could happen? View all posts by bungalowhutch

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