we worked on the house

you guys, we did like a real project around here. it reminded me so much of the good old days. nothing like the recent scrapings at the bottom of the home renovation barrel.

we found out the tilemaster was planning on being in denver over a 24hr work-free period and immediately began soliciting help for our kitchen backsplash. remember when i talked about that way back when? nine months later we got around to it.

at this rate, the house will be done when we’re dead.

anyways, like most projects around here, the whole thing was totally haphazard and turned out great. i realize we really do make the best reno decisions under pressure and when we have little to no time to plan or ponder things. instead of scouring for the perfect tile, the perfect colors, the perfect deal, we showed up to flo’ & deco’ friday night, found some tile,  got to work saturday morning, and finished the last of the grouting by sunday evening. no shopping around and taking our time around here folks. planning is for losers. do or die .

overall the process went smoothly. there were only two marital fights. one regarding mr. hutch wanting to watch sports in the morning rather than tile and one about how the accent tile should be laid out. i would have won both feuds but since my dad was here and he always takes mr. hutch’s side, i was ganged up on and lost the accent tile battle. mr. hutch thinks the color of the accent tile is poo and didn’t want it at all so in some ways perhaps i still won.

but who’s keeping score!? (me.) nothing like a little competition to keep the fire burnin’.

small marital feuds aside, the three of us worked like a well oiled machine and got ‘er done. and now we have a beautiful kitchen backsplash.

what do YOU think?

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About bungalowhutch

mr. hutch and i have taken on our latest adventure - redoing a 1920's bungalow in denver's park hill neighborhood. we have no idea what we are doing. follow along to see our progress. we're determined to see if we can jump on the DIY bandwagon and have the home of our dreams. with some help from our knowledgeable contractor friends, kidnapping tools from my dad's garage and stalking all the other DIY home blogs - what's the worse that could happen? View all posts by bungalowhutch

2 responses to “we worked on the house

  • Mom

    love it! Can’t wait to see it in person at Christmas :) xoxo

  • Geez

    Looks really nice…hope you got the grout off the counter, and I hope Mr Hutch sustained no permanent brain damage from getting buzzed by the electric wires sticking out of the boxes. I did warn him, you know…

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