thought i was a pioneer, realized i’m just jumping on the bandwagon

so i want to wallpaper my bathroom. i was hoping that would allow me to put another notch in my design/remodel/diy/renovation belt. i mean – it’s only the ultra hip, best designers out there that are brave enough to do something like wallpaper. after all – wallpaper has a horrible stigma. in case you forgot why, let me help you remember.

(side note: i just googled ugly wallpaper and kinda liked a lot of what came up. that can’t be good. then i searched hideous wallpaper and found these beauties.)

pretty. ugly.

this is special.

as i was saying – all the trendy design blogs out there are giving wallpaper a serious comeback. and my assumption was that if i used wallpaper in my bathroom – i get to be automatically elevated to trendy, great designer. so i set up to scour the earth for rare “cool” wallpaper in an effort to help all those other designers bring it back.

then i found out (in .06 seconds) that target carries cute wallpaper.

what!?!?! so much for it being this rare gem i would search google the earth for. if target carries it, it’s as common as sliced bread. which means that my idea of wallpapering being a lost art that i would help bring back, is totally delusional. in fact – it might even imply i’m just jumping on this whole wallpaper, decorating bandwagon.


oh well. i’m still wallpapering my bathroom. let’s forget the whole trendy, cool designer thing and focus on what the bathroom is looking like these days. and then you can help me pick the wallpaper.that sounds fun, right?

to remind you of what we’re working with here.

the bathroom as it appears to date. don’t mind the missing light fixtures, holes in the wall, or unfinished trim work. mr. hutch – will you pleeeeaaaaassssseeee finish the trim work?
what we’ve got going on on this side.

so obviously i’m looking for wallpaper to go above my pretty painted beadboard. here’s another perspective.

right now there is a lot of white. a lot of clean lines. a lot of geometrical shapes (the tub accents & the floor tile). a lot of charm. a lot of texture. a lot of i have no idea what i’m talking about.

with that said -here’s what i’ve got so far.

add to the texture. stick to the white… this stuffs at target – who knew!?
go bold and pick up on the orange – this lady is a creeper btw.
something soft, floral, & romantical? i’m sure mr.hutch would love that.
something simple yet whimsical
shiny & gemotric – kinda looks like the tile…

ok – that’s enough. this is getting dangerously close to way too many choices (how many was that – 5!? yikes. and i’m not even sure one of those is the winner!) i don’t like a lot of choices. especially when i have no idea what i’m doing here. so what route should i go? what’s perfect for that space in there? (btw – those last four choices with a million other great other choices can be found here.)

thank you for voting and i hope we’ve all learned something today. i’m not as cool as i would like to think. there is a lot of great wallpaper out there. and you have to help me decide.

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mr. hutch and i have taken on our latest adventure - redoing a 1920's bungalow in denver's park hill neighborhood. we have no idea what we are doing. follow along to see our progress. we're determined to see if we can jump on the DIY bandwagon and have the home of our dreams. with some help from our knowledgeable contractor friends, kidnapping tools from my dad's garage and stalking all the other DIY home blogs - what's the worse that could happen? View all posts by bungalowhutch

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